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Instantly include the Drip tracking script so you can use email and years of best practices to create a double-digit jump in your conversion rate.

Do you sell online? If so you need our new Drip for WooCommerce Plugin instead of this one. It includes your entire product catalog, order history integration, revenue tracking, and much more.

Drip is the world’s first and only ecommerce customer relationship manager—or, as our friends call us, ECRM. With deeper customer-level insights and personalization, you’re able to crank up your marketing efforts and truly tailor every workflow, campaign, and message to what your customers are doing.

This level of meaningful messaging brings you closer to every lead and customer, which happens to be the exact recipe for customer loyalty and booming business.

Part of Drip’s power comes from its JavaScript web tracking code, which lets you build a direct link between your WordPress site and your Drip account. Once your code is all set up, you can start triggering automations and display popups based on who’s on your site and which pages they’re checking out.

The best part? It’s the easiest thing you’ll set up all day. It takes just one click to install the Drip plugin. And once it’s in, you’re ready to start collecting more leads, gaining new insights, and triggering more automations all across your website.

Have more than one Drip account? No problem. Each account has its very own JavaScript code.

Ready to start building customer relationships the way they were meant to be? Here’s what you have to do next:

1. Sign up for a Drip account

Signing up is easy. Just head here, tell us a little bit about yourself, and let the fun begin.

2. Install the Drip plugin, and select “Drip” from the Settings menu in your WordPress sidebar.

3. Enter your Drip Account ID, click “Save Changes,” and you’re done!

Now that you’re all set up, you’ll be able to access all of Drip’s automation features. Let’s look at some of those.

We’ve been building Drip to help you get closer to your customer since day 1. We’re firm believers that the more you know about them and what they’re up to, the better you can communicate with them at the most important times.

By installing the Drip plugin, you’ll be able to do things like:

  • Collect subscribers from any page with Drip’s opt-in widget
  • Identify your subscribers and their time zones
  • Apply tags and trigger automations when one of your contacts visits a page
  • Add trigger links to your pages that kick off automations with one click
  • See exactly what pages a contact has visited and when
  • Score leads using page visit analytics

And that’s in addition to all the other email and automation features that come with Drip, like:

  • Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook Lead Ads
  • Autoresponders, campaigns, broadcasts, newsletters, transactional emails, and more
  • Easy segmentation, personalization, and dynamic Liquid content
  • The industry’s best visual workflow builder
  • Advanced integrations to track revenue, fix cart abandonment, and beyond
  • Person-based (not list-based) contact management and built-in list pruning

And more. Yes, really. There is more. Peruse the rest of our features and take a little inspiration with you. We’re serious about getting closer to the customer, and we hope this helps you do just that.


  • Initial release.


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